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6 November 2002
So. Struggled the past two weeks to get my damn phone back--somewhere between the fact that the lines running through my basement paradise are nearly older than the house itself, and the fact that there apparently was never a phone wire running into the house in the first place to carry a creepy is that?...I lost phone service for two weeks.

But hey, we're back now, and check out this page dealing with sun sensitivity. First, goggle at the fact presented first--if it's true that I only need ten minutes of sunlight a day, maaaan, am I going to be yelling at doctors from now on! Second, scroll down to the section mentioned for sunscreens and look for the brand name Sun Play. Apparently, they have an SPF 130 on the market. I'm going to do my best to track down an address for these people and ordering instructions. Check back in a week or so. (Profound thanks go to alert reader Kenneth from Singapore. Yeah, international vamp community!)

Moved the rantings/update essays to their own page so they'd take up less space here.

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Okay. Everything leads to something as of mid-October 2002.

Coding for the following links:

Teef! =lots of info--solid links, community connections, good page serious... =serious page, information, theories or essays pretty... =generally for pretty pictures, but some info or useful links

Teef! House of the Scarlet Moon is a non-V:tM site with some very interesting essays and definitions. Reminds me how much I need to get off my ass one of these days and research pranic energy flow.

pretty... The Honor of the Dreaming, Bholanath's flagship site. Takes a while to load but it's still pretty. I should make note that I don't agree with these people or their values. On the other hand, I am a cranky bitch and a chaos witch, so statements like "Stand for order and justice" make me want to blow things up. Seems to me if you're into personality sublimation and Ever Treading the Upward Path, these are your guys. So they're still here.

pretty... (NOTE: This is still under 'fluffy' until she gets more done on the site.) This from Nitallica: "The Coven Vampyre Organization is an international Vampire organization for the preservation and prosperity of the Vampyre community and culture. The site focuses on vamp community building, providing vamp chatrooms, vamp forums, vamp message discussion boards, hosts an e-mail based vamp discussion list, vamp e-postcards, vamp themed art, literature, music, resources, and more." (Only it's not all there yet, as she's only one person, and she's reconstructing as fast as she can. Boy, doesn't that sound familiar...

Sphynxcat's Vampire Support Page This is Sphynxcat's Vampire Support Page. She's got a few of the best essays ever written on modern vampirism, and also a banner that Sanguinarius has gleefully adopted for her links page.

Sanguinarius, the Vampire Support Page Sanguinarius, the Big, the Bad. You can't go wrong here. Networking, rants, raves, user posts, web-based IRC chats, a new free email service, tips, tricks and humor. Everything to keep you sane when the folks at home don't understand.

Drink Deeply and Dream Drink Deeply and Dream, that's this link. At one point, I had M's page up and linked for...oh, a good year, maybe more. She's another one of those people that, between one server and another, fell through the cracks. Great new logo, a look I frankly wish I had (I'm gettin' there!), a forum, lots of new essays, resource, new linking banners, which I'm biting my lips with the effort not to use. (Tryin' to keep some consistency here, folks, sheesh.) And a screensaver! What more do you want?

Vamp Club I don't know about these guys, they seem pretty new. Pro: they actually link goth and vamp and don't seem to care about The Schism between most members of both groups. Con: they have a V:tM section. Hell, nobody's perfect, right? Forum, art and poetry, articles, polls and more. Go look.

The Dark Aesthetic I know, I know, I'm going to hear grief for this again. Well, this is Verthaine, and people have been telling me for years I'm dismissing the page unfairly. The fact that it's still here and I still link to it should tell people I think the page has some good information...even if I think the bulk of it is in the new section on the Church of Eris...

Living Vampires Living Vampires has probably been newly revamped again; it's been around forever. It's especially good in picking out the real vampire sites from the V:tM sites. Keep in mind this site's dark on a lot of systems, as the main colors are black, dark blue and deep purple.

Real Superheros, or Why People are Skeptical of Real Vampires This links just to the one essay (though I'm sure you can go to the rest of their page by the link at the top). But it's an essay everyone should read. Now, I choose to identify as vampire, simply because I can't really get behind the term sanguinarian. But I am extremely careful who I tell. More than that, I tend not to wander down the street wearing the shirt that says, Yes, I Drink Human Blood (though my last car did say, "Yes, I feed on the flesh of the living--and I vote." Don't know if that counts.) At this point, there are a lot of people who know "Kel" from other places that have nothing to do with real vampirism, and I'm taking a calculated risk by posting a site menu which includes this section on every page. I've had friends I like freak out after reading through my page. And, you know, this is not harassment, this is not abuse, this is simply their inability to deal with you saying a (generally assumed to be) ridiculous thing. Go read the essay. Now. Normally, I'd just put this in my favorites folder, but I thought there's a slim chance someone else might want to click through. I should tell you, this is here for the HISTORY list only. Ignore all the V:tM crap at the bottom. (Yes, I know, I'm going to hear from people about that, too.)

Sarasvati's Sanguinarian Support Page Sarasvati's in with now! I used to have this somewhere on this page, but I discarded it for some reason. Maybe it was the (now old) GeoCities connection; I have old reason to resent them (see my old page for why) but maybe it was something else. This will give me time to look and remember. Plus, it's another real-vampire, no-we-aren't-myths page.

Queer Vampires Something new on the horizon; a place for queer, lesbian, bi and transgendered vampires. Seems to be mostly wannabes, and the pictures section is...unique...but they may grow into something. They're here now simply because of the name, really.

Pathway to Darkness Pathway to Darkness. Can't straight-out recommend them. They were recently acquired by the Sanguinarium, apparently, Father Todd's group of jaded misfits, and I can't support them anymore. I'll keep the link here, but the minute I start to read stuph on-site about the horror of eternal life, PtD is GONE. [Added note, Aug 2002: The page seems very hard to navigate now, so it may be a while before I figure out they're either worth keeping or creeps. I get the feeling they're mostly now the public face of Father Todd, but whatever.]

Real Vampires Inanna's theory seems to be that all real vampires are psychic vampires, draining their victims (willing or un) of pranic life force. Hey, it stands as well as any of them. She makes some good points, and her site is clean and well-laid out (I mention this, the few times I mention this, because invariably my coding is cumbersome, messy and slow-loading: not the kinds of pages I tend to recommend).

The Closet Vampire Campaign The graphics on this page are painfully cute, in that damn-I'm-gonna-hurt-you, get-the-HELL-away-from-me-with-that! way. Still, it's a nice idea; sort of the gays came out of the closet, witches came out of the closet, now we vamps have to come out thing.'s Organization List Pretty comprehensive list of various types of vampire organizations around the world. This from

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For more of me babbling on this topic, you could also try an old poem of mine, part I of an old letter, or part II.

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Sunshine Blues, dealing with the hazards of being sun-sensitive.

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Vampire MEET-UP is part of the larger MEET-UP service, which exists solely to bring people of like minds together, no matter what those like minds favor. 'International Vampire MEET-UP Day' is coming up the third Tuesday of September, and considering I was one register to be present for Spokane's August Vampire MEET-UP, I get the distinct feeling September's not going to go better. But the link's here. Anyone from Spokane reading this should register, 'kay?

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