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Here's the basic deal. I have a hell of a lot of free time, being unemployed. I also collect various pictures, files, .mp3s, what-have-you...lots of virtual bric-a-brac. How'ver, due to the vagaries of fate and the aforementioned free time (home on disability until I can figure out if there's something on the face of the earth a bearded lady with bad knees and the typing speed of a demigoddess can reasonably do), I end up with a lot of stored files on computers that aren't mine. So I've been shopping around for high-storage servers where I can keep stuph until I get my comp back up and running and can just dump it all there.

What does all this have to do with Dean Cameron, and why the apology? Basically, most of the servers I found (all free) weren't attached to web pages. This site was. So suddenly, I had to figure out what I wanted to say on a web page...This isn't exactly hard, but I have two...wait...three webpages already. What did I possibly have left to say?

Then it struck me. I have been a big fan of Dean Cameron for quite a while now, and I can trace it back directly to two films, Bad Dreams and Rockula.

Bad Dreams, an admittedly flawed work, tried too hard to go in too many directions, but even with the plot flaws, the actors shine. In sections it's nearly theatrical, in the sense of watching a play spin out in front of watchers unseen--the actors are more performing monologues for the audience, than in the grip of the 'reality' of the storyline. And Dean Cameron, as Ralph, stole every scene he was in. Considering I had gone to the film in the first place to see Jennifer Rubin again, who had formerly starred in Nightmare on Elm Street IV, it was a surprise and a joy to watch Cameron's character gleefully vamp, stare and slice with such abandon.

Now, I admit I missed some Cameron appearances in between these two films, but Rockula was the next film in which I saw Cameron. And I was instantly swept away. Maybe it's my love of bad films, maybe it's my love of bad vampire films in particular, maybe it's that kink I have for musicals...I can't tell you. I do know that I own a copy of the film now, after several years of searching, and may have to order another copy again soon, as I watch it, on average, four times or more a year. It is, I believe, the only film in which Dean Cameron sings, and moreover, the only film to date in which Bo Diddly will probably ever wear spandex.

Rockula is such a gleeful romp. A vampiric love story, featuring Toni Basil (doing her own choreography, as if that's surprising), Thomas Dolby (wearing items from his own wardrobe, by rumor), and Tawny Fere in addition to Bo Diddley and Susan Tyrell as part of Rockula's backup band, it rings changes from touching to odd to endearing to just plain strange, sometimes within minutes of each other. Surprisingly, the film knows it's playing fast and loose with the traditional vampire mythos, and holds its head up high, striding forth triumphantly with the tale of a cursed vampire who hates the taste of blood, has a sarcastic reflection, and can walk around in the light of day (with sunscreen, of course). It's my second-favorite film (the first being Arsenic and Old Lace, in case you were curious). here for the Rockula Trailer...

Finally, she gets to it...That apology. You see, when I first got this space, I started hunting for a pic from Rockula to open the page. And I couldn't find one. And then life got, well, incredibly lifelike and I didn't get back to update this little corner of the web for quite some time. So for that time all it said was it was a fan page, with no fan information, no trivia, no graphics, nothing but a thank you to Dreamwater for hosting me. And I'm sorry about that. I got distracted, and it was hard finding an opening picture. Obligatory request: If anyone has any pictures from Rockula you'd like to send me, please email them to me. And thanks.

A Few Links:

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