you know. you know. you know you're better off. not being there. you know. you know they'd just try to kill you again. but you're prepared now. you escaped. and the radios are saying there's only a few dead. and that's good. though you only remember the one. but maybe that means they'll leave you alone for a while. because they know you're dangerous. they know you're dangerous with the shifting skin, and the paper-rustle of your hospital clothes, and the wildness in your hair. electric crackle through your eyes. because you know. you know.

except that maybe, this time, they'll only see what you see, not what you want them to see--the fear in the back of your throat. the way you hold the knife so close it cuts into you. the sound of your whimpering on the night air.

fear. so thick it chokes you. this is fear.

Fear will be here in a few days...wait for it. (Apparently it's on backorder.)

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as far as I know, the walking zombie is freeware. please tell me if it's not.