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August 2002: Been ridiculously busy for someone out of work. But finally got the time to edit through this page. As of the above date, all these links work.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Everyone needs to realize that these are not-for-information sites. Nothing here will necessarily aid anyone in understanding real vampirism. This is the fun stuph, kids, not to be taken seriously.

ShanMonster's ankhbar Buffy, back from the dead. Angel on another network--and currently breathing water. Willow slowly corrupting and Tara gone and still it's the most positive representation of lesbian love on television. And did I mention Anthony Stewart Head and James Marsters singing? Fabulously addictive, hurtful and wonderful and funny and grim and upsetting and still very cool. And this site updates us all on all of it.

Alyson Hannigan Corner The Alyson Hannigan Corner. I have found it, I am in bliss mode, I now have a source for Vampire Willow screen caps that make my heart sing. Yes, wonderful, wonderful, Willow in leather stuph. And even better, they have vividly clear Dark Willow screen caps from Season 6. Go look.

The Gothic Martha Stewart The graphic for this link comes from Medieval Macabre, a great site for medieval clip-art. Trystan as yet has no link buttons, but has put together a fabulous do-it-yourself site for Goths, vampires, and other dark-themed individuals. He's been a rabble-rouser for over ten years on the Usenet groups alt.gothic and

Babe of the Week The Goth Babe of the Week. This has been a fave site of mine nearly since its inception. A new goth babe every week, some pretty-girl archives, some interesting sites that people have set up. Occasionally some intelligence shines brighter than the patent. I love these guys. (If you're irritated by the pretentiousness factor, try the Goth Goose of the Week (which actually isn't either, as it's a site in limbo, lost without the will to update). Still has some fun graphics, though.

We will kick your arse and not even smear our eyeliner. Ah, I miss the heady days of alt.gothic. Sadly, I haven't had Usenet access in so long, I'm no longer in the habit of even reading the groups. But this is one of the best anti-spam sites on the net, hands down--and it's run by a very pissed off, hostile Goth. Which, quite frankly, rocks.

Persephone Plus Persephone Plus says they're the only large-size gothic and romantic couturier on the net. I believe them. They're fabulous, sized to fit, more or less reasonable as far as price goes...what more could you ask for? Plus she's got some nice affirmations as to how if you're large that's wonderful. She does custom work, but their normal size ranges will fit me, and I am generally in the 32/34 dress size range. Now, if she only did boots. Here's an example, using the dress at the left: "Finally: a shirred top dress for women with Actual Live Breasts! Flattering, comfortable and very elegant, this dress will show off those creamy shoulders. It is also available in an above-the-knee length and/or Long full sleeves. Please specify when ordering! (Note: this dress requires either a corset or a great strapless bra underneath it to be at its best!) Made in Penne Velvet, and black Slinky knit. Penne Velvet colors: Black, Midnight blue, Forest Green, Plum, Cranberry. Price: $168.00." (And yes, guys, for hand-made specify-your-size-and-length, panne velvet dresses, I expect to pay a bit more. I could make it myself for less. I have. But her stuph is so pretty...

Die screaming with sharp things in your head! What happens when normal garden-gnome-hating-people have waaay too much free time on their hands. On the other hand, I admit to lusting for one of their coffee mugs. More to carry around something that says, "Die screaming with sharp things in your head" than for any other reason. Though the site is creative. NOTE: This site should not be accessed by anyone not in possession of a functional sense of humor.

Spiderman has made you gay The spiderman graphic, btw, is from Useless Graphics. This goes a bit far afield for vampire/blood related fun sites, but...I had to. It's screamingly funny. I almost fell out of my chair laughing the first time someone showed it to me. NOTE AGAIN: If you're gay, and you're offended by this site, then you really need to lower the dosage of whatever PC drug you're on.

Television Without Pity Though Television Without Pity skewers all makes and models of the dreck that's on the box, this is the direct link to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These people are everything I want humor writers to be--biting, mean, sarcastic, cynical, and still somehow genuinely hopeful that something good will come of all of it. Considering Buffy's Season 6 was about the most charmless, grim, brutal joyride ever on the show, they have a lot of material to work with.

Which Anne Rice vampire are you? I'm not entirely convinced of the validity of this test. On the other hand, past Interview, I really can't stand Anne Rice. ( I hear catcalls? Write me if you're so damn curious then.) But it's another online test, and I am an addict of the stupid things, so here's another of them.

Order the Transitive 
Vampire from Amazon today Karen Elizabeth Gordon wrote a fantastic grammar book several years back called The Transitive Vampire. It's a wonderfully entertaining book, and extraordinarily helpful as well. Along the way she got werewolves and other beasts involved, and I think there are a total of three or four books in the series now. But this was the first. It's worthwhile to own for any writer, editor, or generally curious sort.

A wonderful toy from the Brunching Shuttlecocks; I couldn't resist! Enjoy.

Just Say No to Fox Bullies!

Little something I picked up from a concerned webmistress. Seems Buffy fan sites are being targeted, including some of my favorites that I used to post here. Seems the big bad FOX Network is threatened by a few loyal fans in spreading the word on how good the show is. Yeah, but if we all stop, they'll be buggered, won't they? And they don't see this?

Write me.

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