Some things you should know

Here's the deal., which is the brains of the deal, says their site restrictions include "pornography", which I'm pseudo-confident I'm clear of--the page is pretty non-visual--as well as "adult content".

Well. Slash is, kind of by definition, an adult medium. Hmm.

On the other hand, they say they don't check, verify, or corroborate any of their sites save for purely random spot checks, so here goes.

WHAT YOU'LL FIND AT PSEUDOFLUFF: A slowly accumulating collection of mostly same-sex adult slash fiction. There are no more individual barrier pages. I am going to inform you now that you NEED TO BE 18 (or whatever is legal for your country of origin, if that isn't the US), and so, of course, I trust that you will immediately LEAVE if you are NOT 18 (or whatever is legal for your country of origin, if that isn't the US). I think it goes without saying, if you know what slash is, that you also need to be able to accept male-male mostly consensual sexual activity, but I'll type it in for preservation's sake.

WHAT YOU WON'T FIND: Any actual links to sites that feature non-literary pornographic content, plus, no non-literary pornographic content. No pornographic pictures, no visual portrayals of penetration, just slash stories. (If I get the gallery up and running again, there will be pics there, which will in general be simple clothed shots. No porn.)

And if all this explanation and bruhaha over a few simple stories gets my site killed by Freeservers, then oh, well--I can do this all again.

Now then. Do you understand that you are being informed you must be 18 or older (or equivalent legal age in your country of origin if not US), and that past this point neither I as the creator of this page, nor Freeservers as the host of my page, will be held responsible for any injury, freak-out, episode of homosexual panic, accusation of indecency, or other possible potential harm that may occur when your mind ingests these stories? THESE ARE FOR ADULTS. If you aren't one yet, scram.


Yes, I understand and am over 18. I'm ready to begin reading. No, I can't agree, because I'm underage. Guess I'll just wander around here, then.

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