Title: Still the Boy Danced
Author: Kelandris the Mad
Fandom: View Askewniverse
Pairing: Jay/Silent Bob
Rating: Songfic, of course. NC-17 songfic, this time around. Use of foul language, bad grammar, plus male/male interaction and active homosexuality. In other words, graphic depictions of hot sweaty hard driving dirty brutal man-sex. :>
Status: posted to the site 8 October 2004
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Series/Sequels: I never have a clue, but I think...no. Either that, or I'll end up writing the prequel to this one, then following this with eight or nine thousand other plotless smutfics.
Disclaimers: All parts of my fannish being are enriched by the presence of Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, and all the merry characters at View Askew Productions (including their current master, Miramax,) save for that pesky financial part of my being, which receives no compensation whatsoever for these tawdry little tales.
Notes: Really should be in bed. Sick, actually. Sick with a dizzy head and extreme nausea and weird floaty feelings. I'd blame it on the fact that I had eighteen X-rays taken of my body today, which made me feel tingly all over, but m'love in life is in the same weird floaty space. So it's the most my brain could come up with--hot sex in traditional alley setting. :>
Summary: Bob draws the wrong conclusion, the morning after the night before.
Warnings: No angst. Yes, this is a warning! It's a Kel story with NO ANGST! WHATEVER WILL YOU DOOOO? :>

"Still the Boy Danced"
by Kelandris the Mad

*the sign says do not enter
no trespassing allowed
with vision of redemption
I walk against the crowd*

Blond boy dancing in the mall, shucking, jiving, coming on to every girl in the place. He wears a black knit cap over his shining gold hair, and the hair flies free under the knit. He spins, he gyrates, he thrusts his hips into empty space, twirling on his black Doc boots and his long, narrow feet.

Behind him, a dark-haired man wrapped in silence so thick it was nearly visible, stands. He stares at the at the blond with narrowed eyes, puffing on a cigarette that's profoundly against the mall's no-smoking policy. Not even LaFours approaches to stop him. Today, he very well could be dangerous.

And still the boy danced, still he danced.

*The sun is white with envy
Confusion on the ground
Breathing soft and holy
Temptation's only sound*

Passersby walked carefully around this pair, staring at them, staring at each other. Was it only their imagination, or were the glares today not meant to keep the blond far from any harm, but to keep anyone on a casual vector, vectoring far from them?

And still the blond danced. Still the blond danced, and the dark-haired man watched and puffed, stubbed out the final burning coal, lit another with the practiced click of the red Zippo. He smoked that down, stubbed it out, then touched the blond's shoulder.

"Jay," he said softly, the only word he'd uttered all day.

Immediately, the boy stopped the randomizing movement, stopping cold and facing the brunet.

"Yeah," Jay said. "Let's jam, Silent Bob. Let's find a par-tay tonight, hey? I wanna dance, I wanna mooove, I wanna rattle my bones. Can we?"

Bob shrugged, and moved for the exit. Jay followed, chattering animatedly, few of the words making any cohesive sense. Bob walked for the mall doors, moving around the corner of the mall. There was a side tunnel here to the back of the mall, that led almost directly to the new bus stop. He angled for it, and managed to get three steps in before someone pounced on him from behind, throwing him against the wall.

*A demon's day in madness kissed
I swear I never had it like this
Forbidden yet I cannot resist*

Immediately he flipped over, hand cocked back, and only the distinctive Jay giggle made him stop the follow-through.

"Ooh, I thought for sure you was gonna bust me one, noonch." He smiled happily.

"A'course, I could always let you bust one *in* me..." Smiling still, he began dancing again, grinding against Bob roughly, pelvis moving against pelvis. Bob gasped, head swimming, and blinked at him stupidly.

Jay caught this, and began laughing hysterically.

"Oh, shit, dude, lemme guess--you took that mother-huge brain o' yours and decided last night I was just stoned, or fucked up on somethin', or just...I dunno...testin' the waters or some fuckin' shit. I wasn't serious, that about the rap you're spinnin' up there?"

Bob could only nod dumbly, eyes wide.

"What, and you thought all day I was throwin' your ass to the curb, 'cos I was flirtin' wit da chicklets?"

Bob nodded again and Jay made disgusted noises.

"You're sick, man. That--" he waved a hand at the mall behind them. "That's all in *there*, 'kay? That's for *those* losers. You, fuckwad, should have known better. Guess the big brain don't work all the time, huh?"

Guess not. He couldn't even nod this time. Shock had crippled him.

"Uh *huh*. Well, bitch, lemme show ya how serious it *gets*." And he fell to his knees, practically ripping Bob's sweats down his legs, and engulfed him in the tight, wet, heat behind his open lips.

*Shocked in silent trances
Our eyes search just to know
What makes flesh and body hunger
For another burning soul*

"Huuuuuhh!" Bob gasped, splaying his hands against the cement wall behind him. Frantically, he looked from side to side, hoping like hell no one they knew walked by and looked down the access tunnel. But, God, it was so *hot*-- the cool breeze on his skin, the feeling of desperate exposure, and the sounds Jay was making, so urgent, so intent--!
"Umm," the blond hummed against Bob's sensitized skin, and Bob hissed air through his teeth. Holy *fuck*, he was good at this. He hadn't been like this last night, either.

Last night had been all about exploration---Jay's fingers quietly working their way down his shirtfront, Bob's hands clasped in Jay's, their bodies pressed together at last, skin to skin, heat and passion welding them into one. It had been…innocent, in a way. Jay had curled up in his arms as usual, and he'd stroked that long fall of gold hair, loving him as much as he was able. Then Jay had kissed him.

*Conscience quiet pleading
In the corner of my eye
But seeing is believing
All consequences fly*

One kiss had dismantled him; he'd suddenly been rock-hard and gasping, and fighting not to grab the boy's shoulders, bruising them, and, throwing his legs in the air, pushing in with a mighty thrust and a yell that would shatter glass. He elected to play it slow; Jay might be completely new at this, and he didn't want to scare him. He'd never had a lover complain of the care he took, and Jay blossomed under it, arching sweetly under his hands, urging him on with whispered words, curses without the heat of insult behind them, endearments and urgent promises. And when they came at last, they came together, and fell asleep in each other's arms. It was as nearly perfect as a first time ever was.

*A demon's day in madness kissed
I swear I never had it like this
Forbidden yet I cannot resist*

And now this, this savage, aggressive, inhalation of him, his cock driving down the muscle rings of Jay's throat, Jay gurgling over his width, his length. And suddenly Jay sprang to his feet, pushing lube into his hands, pushing his own pants down around his ankles.

"Please," he said breathlessly, "fuck me, Bob, fuck me *hard*, come on, fuck me fuck me fuck me *now*..."

He thrust his hips against Bob's over and over again, their cocks rubbing against each other, and Bob growled. He grabbed his shoulders now, pushing him against the wall to kiss, parting those pale lips with skill, plundering the willing space within. His fingers tightened and Jay yelped.

Immediately he backed off, eyes wide, and Jay only purred, arching towards him.

"Ooh, rough stuff, baby. Yeah. Like that..."

Bob shook his head, and Jay took away whatever he'd been thinking about saying with a practiced twist of his fist over Bob's straining erection. His eyes crossed, and he nearly fell down.

"Yeah, you remember that, baby. You wanna fuck me, Lunchbox, or I'm walkin'."

God, no.

"Walkin' the fuck away. I will leave your ass here, baby." He reached down between his legs, rubbing himself and moaning as he looked down, watching his cock in his hands.

"Mmm," he said, biting his lips. "This's good, but your mouth'd be better."

With a moan, Bob fell to his knees, sucking Jay in in one smooth swallow. Jay nearly screamed, arching forward, drumming a tattoo of impatient lust on the back of his trench.

*With fever I persist
The rages of your kiss
My reckless heart in fist
And I cannot resist*

"Yeah," the blond gasped. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, just like that, baby, love your mouth, love your fuckin' sweet mouth..."

Bob leaned down, running his tongue along the vein that pulsed on the underside of Jay's reddened cock, tip to base. He angled his head, gently sucking on Jay's balls, rolling his tongue over them as Jay screamed his name. Nearly laughing, he moved back up, tonguing the slit in the tip, slick with pre-cum, and swallowed him in again.

"Fuck gonna come fuck gonna come fuck gonna come in you, sweetness," Jay chanted, and Bob rose, pulling off Jay's cock with a popping sound. Jay moaned, desperate, pulling him up, pulling him closer.

Bob snarled, eyes darkening, and cracked his knuckles. Jay's eyes grew wide, and he pressed against the wall. Bob casually flipped him against it, pressing against him. He moaned when his cock touched the cold surface of the cement, trying to look over his shoulder at what Bob was doing.

Bob was, meanwhile, rubbing lube into his cock busily, followed by slicking his fingers with a palmful of lube and moving them slowly, digit by digit, into Jay.

"Lunchbox...fuck, yes, Bob, yes yes yes, more, yes more, yes more, *fuck!*"

He arched back, the black cap falling from his head, and Bob kicked his legs farther apart. He whimpered, twitching, begging Bob for more. And Bob guided the head of his cock against Jay's rosy little pucker, pushing inside with one mighty thrust.

Jay screamed again, vibrating in place against Bob.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, harder, now harder, now *fuck me*!"

And Bob did, fucking him into gasping jelly, fucking him so hard that they both ended up on their knees. Bob kept driving inside him, driving hard, driving deep, and grasping his hips so hard that the last thrust inside, when he roared and filled Jay with hot jets of fluid, left literal *hand prints* on Jay's pale hips.

When he could, the blond turned over, pulling his clothes up again.

"Motherfuck," he gasped. "That was the shit."

*A demon's day in madness kissed
I swear I never had it like this
Forbidden yet I cannot resist*

"You're a freak," Bob said wonderingly, pulling up his sweats. Jay grinned sarcastically.

"Yeah, this from the man who don't motherfuckin' *speak*," he said.

Bob shrugged, turning away.

"I speak," he said softly. "I just don't speak around anyone I don't love." And he began to walk slowly down the alley.

Jay stood there for a moment, the words taking a bit to sink in, and then he ran after Bob, yelling at him to wait up.

"Go over that part again about how you love me!" he cried, and Bob just smiled.

(Song is "Resist" by Melissa Etheridge)
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