Title: Sky Fell Down
Author: Kelandris the Mad
Fandom: View Askewniverse, general (probably after Dogma, I'm not sure)
Pairing: Jay/Silent Bob
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content. All that raw thrusting sex stuph.
And at least PG-13 or R for some emotional hammering.
Status: posted to the site 5 October 2004
Archive: wherever you want, full permission, just lemme know about it. No, I don't believe grabbing it from the list requires a note. :>
Feedback: Kelandris
Series/Sequel: Err, I don't know. I don't think so. Or maybe just one additional story to tie it up. No idea when, mind. It just feels like a two-issue set.
Disclaimers: All characters belong to Kevin Smith and the View Askewniverse. If I really get into this, I probably will too. Or at least go into hock when I walk into a video store, go into rut, and buy all theDVDs at once.
Notes: This is a major aiiigh story. Of *course* this is the story that finishes first, the one I was contemplating not finishing at all. That whole September 11th thing. Gaiiigh.
Summary: Bob and Jay have some harmless morning fun before a call ruins their day completely.
Warnings: Political stuph. Hot steamy male-male sex to make up for it, though. And I'm transcribing onto a Mac with a failing hard-drive up to a PC clone, so any weird characters are a result of that. Apologies in advance.

"Sky Falls Down"
by Kelandris the Mad

Bob knew nothing that morning. He came awake slowly, as he usually did, arms wrapped around his blond lover. Sleepily, body on autopilot, his fingers began to comb through Jay's long gold locks. Jay murmured something unintelligible, snuggling closer, and pulled his legs up against Bob's right hip. That was all it took. That was all it usually took.

Pressing his lips against Jay's forehead, he rolled onto his side, pressing an already semi-hard erection against Jay's warm flesh.


Jay blinked awake to the delicious sensation of Bob licking his neck.

"Oh, fuck...oh, *fuck* yeah..."

And suddenly Bob was holding a multi-armed activity, all elbows and knees and flexing muscles. He was licked, kissed, fondled, nibbled, at all hyperspeed. It took his breath away.

Then Jay fastened his lips around his cock, sucking him so hard his cheeks hollowed out with the effort. Searing pleasure whited out his vision for a moment, then he screamed, spurting hot come into Jay's ready mouth.

Jay sat up, swallowing. He smiled loopily.

"Damn, I'm good."

**Smug bastard, aren't you?** But Bob smiled in return, feeling little muscle twitches running through every limb. Reaching out, he pulled Jay closer, close enough to kiss, and parted his lips with a sure, seeking tongue.

Jay moaned into his mouth, thrusting against him. Bob's mouth scorched heated kisses across his cheek, down his neck, left fever-trailed licks across his collarbone.

"Unh...Fuck Bob, *fuck*, I need it...I need it *bad*, Bob, *please*..."

Jay's thrusts picked up speed and duration. Smirking slightly, Bob fumbled the side drawer open on the bedstand, pulling out the bottle of lube. He tossed it to the blond.

"Uh...Bob...I love you an' all, but you know I like polin' chicks...right? I mean..."

Bob grabbed Jay's face, pulling him close and kissing him savagely. As Jay melted against him, he reached out, grabbed the lube, flipped the cap open, and poured lube directly on Jay's twitching cock.

Jay yelped, pulling back. His shocked and affronted expression changed, drew out, grew glazed and distracted. Breath stuttered out of him as he stretched out, laying back on the bed. Bob worked his lover, his hand curling and flexing, squeezing the head in the palm of his hand. Then he tossed the lube back.

Jay snatched it out of the air, shaking the spell of what Bob's *other* hand was doing away.

"Motherfucker, I'll show *you*," he growled.

**Sweet God, I hope so,** Bob thought.

"You just wait." Jay worked more lube over his cock, then sat up, pulling at Bob to move. Obligingly he lay back, and Jay looked at him critically for a moment.

"Huh-uh," he finally said, grabbing a pillow. He thrust it under one of Bob's hips. Bob lifted his lower body, and Jay slid the pillow under, raising Bob that apparently vital few inches.

"That's what *I'm* talking about..." he muttered. He grabbed his dick, pumping it as he squeezed more lube onto his hand, and himself. Then he spread Bob's legs wide, waggling his eyebrows.

**You think that's it, do you?**

"Bitch, I will *so* show you I know my shit..." And Jay leaned forward, pressing the head of his cock against Bob's tightly puckered hole. Bob inhaled harshly, biting his lips. Jay pushed harder, pouring on the lube, gritting his teeth.

Bob tried to relax, his thigh muscles jumping. He couldn't help but think of all those times he'd carefully prepared Jay, opening him gently, making sure his boy was ready, willing and able. And now this, now Jay thinking all he needed was some lube and a smile. Now...

*Now*, he was *in*. Bob instinctively clenched around the intruder, and Jay shrieked.

"Oh *fuck* oh *fuck* oh *fuck* oh *fuck* oh--"

Bob's eyes bulged out. Sweet *Jesus*, he could feel Jay's heart beating, by the rapid pounding pulse in his cock. His jaw was trembling, and Jay was--Jay was--

Jay thrust in another inch.

"Oh *fuck* oh *fuck* oh *fuck*--"

"Sweet Mary, Mother of God, the Lord is with thee..." Bob whispered under his breath.

"Oh fuck, ohfuck, oh *what* the fuck??" Jay's eyes were looking a little glazed. Bob shook his head.

"Nothing," he gasped.

Jay twitched; Bob twitched with him.

"Wanna *fuck* wanna *fuck* wanna *fuck*..." he hissed, as he slid in another inch.

"Ohhh..." both men cried.

Jay leaned in, his hands reaching for Bob's, clasping them hard. He leaned forward, kissing Bob's neck almost gently. His lips were trembling, and Bob felt a shiver pass through him. Delightful, that he could cause Jay to feel this much. To feel this at all, for him. For him, yes, all for him...mmm...He shuddered, his hips jerking upwards, and Jay hissed in a high-pitched moan.

"Ahhh...Fuck, Bob, never knew," the blond whispered, trembling. "Never knew, I never, I swear I never...Fuck, you're the tightest hole I ever been in, this's almost better than your mouth...And your *mouth*, fuck...*Fuck*..."

He trailed off, panting, and slid in another inch. They both screamed. Bob arched off the bed, legs clasping around Jay's hips, and Jay slammed home, screaming again as every inch of him was suddenly encased in incredibly tight rings of muscle. Jay began moaning, his hips thrusting forward. His eyes fluttered closed.

"Fuck, oh fuck, Bob," he moaned. "Fuck, so good, so tight an' good, so good, so *hot*..."

Bob began to whimper, shaking his head from side to side. Jay was inside him--in*side*, inside *him*, and oh, *God*, it felt--it felt--*strange*, but...*good*, pain and pleasure and heat and sensation...That delicious fine trembling through every limb...it was all Jay, it was all about Jay.

Seeing that face above him, strained with effort, did funny things to his insides. A pale pink tongue-tip poked from between Jay's lips, as those blue, blue eyes opened and burned into his dark brown ones with intensity and desire. Bob longed to lean forward and capture his tongue, suck it into his mouth, suck on those quirking lips. Just the thought made him clench and tremble again, and Jay yelped.

Bob reached up, splaying his hands against Jay's chest, stroking over his flushed skin, his ribs, his nipples...

"Ffffuuuck..." Jay breathed. He dropped his hands to Bob's hips and began to slide in and out of him, long, slow, deep strokes while Bob whimpered, his skin flushed and glistening. Then he changed to harsher, harder thrusts, Jay grunting, Bob panting underneath him as he arched up to meet every thrust.

**I am going to feel this tomorrow...** he thought incoherently, and Jay cackled. At last, Jay's hands rose to Bob's knees, pushing them back as he leaned forward, slamming into Bob like a jackhammer hooked to a turbine. Thrust, retreat, thrust, repeat, the sound of his balls slapping Bob's flesh loud in the air. Louder still was Bob, crying, whimpering, wailing. Whispering endearments as his eyes fluttered closed, sheened over with lust and fever-heat.

"Say my name," Jay growled.

Bob shook his head. Jay, smiling, pulled out, making Bob gasp.

"Say my *name*, bitch!"

**Of all the fucked-up times for movie references--**

Then all thought left Bob as Jay slammed back in. The boy picked up speed, and more, wrapping a hand around his semi-hard erection--gone soft through inattention and penetration--and began madly pumping him, his palm slick with lube and sweat.

"Jay!" Bob screamed, over and over. "Jay, oh *fuck*, oh *fuck*, Jay!"

The blond nodded, face intent, tongue poking out between his lips again.

"Jay--love you--Jay--oh, God--oh *God*--gonna--gonna--*come*--*so*--*HARD*--"

"Ah, *fuck!*" Jay screamed, jetting into him, just as Bob felt that sweet lovely tightening spreading through his groin, and came, spurting helplessly over Jay's hand.

And Jay cuddled up next to him, murmuring sweet things into his ear, sweet words he'd never admit to *knowing* any other time. Bob's hands moved, stroking that length of hammered gold, stroking the sheen of sweat from his limbs, stroking the passion into calm. At least for a couple more hours.

The cell phone rang, the discordant beeping loud in a room that held only the sound of their breathing before. Jay snickered, diving for it, fishing it out of a tangle of their clothes. He checked the call back and his smile grew wider.

"Yo, Ahmed! You'n Gadji should come over, we got the big score!"

Slowly Jay's face stilled, listening. It was frightening, watching all his normal animation leach away into this cold, pale stillness. Tinny, the voice on the other end, tinny and afraid. Bob could only catch occasional words.

"...airplane...World Trade Center...Pentagon...fire..."

"Dude," Jay said, his voice shaking, "you should listen to this."

Bob took the cell, his brow furrowing. And the sky fell down.

Kelandris the Mad
and lo there was a fire in the heavens

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